Shopping Cart Customization

SEM Tech offers help for the numerous features for your Shopping Cart. In terms of the front end functionality for your any kind of online business, it offers easy and intuitive navigation for your customers, they can carry out product searches based on various criteria, customers can check the current stock available at any point, the same product can be assigned to several categories and this makes it easier for customers to find it, amongst other things.

In terms of the product page functionality, in which RMS Extended Description matches with Product Name in RMS and you can also upload product images directly into RMS. In fact when it comes to display for, we can help you to easily display Products on Sale. Besides this, there are various other features that we offer in terms of product page functionality.

Easy & Flexible Admin Facility:

Considering the administration & backend facilities, we offers fast automatic synchronization between your RMS database and the web store on demand or as per schedule, we help you to create multiple categories and sub-categories, assign retail and wholesale prices, define key words for each product, password protected secure Administration area, and so on.

Live Shipping Functionality:

When it comes to shipping functionality, we can define weight, price, and destination based shipping prices, and can also markup a percentage on Real Time UPS pricing, amongst other things.

Real Time Tax Calculation

In terms of tax functionality, we provide service for your existing tax structure, or you can opt for flexible tax implementation on a state and country basis, and even set different tax rates for different products.

Search Engine Friendly

When it comes to search engine compatibility, we offer service for the product which is having extremely powerful search engines optimization features. We also provide service which gives you the option to define keywords and a title page for each product. Further, when you Save, Meta Tags are created automatically. Also, we can create search engine friendly HTML pages that allow you to get much better ranking on search engines.