eCommerce Solutions

SEM Tech India’s eCommerce Solutions gives you the ability to access a huge online market and offer customers endless possibilities to improve their experience on your website. By opening up your market to online shoppers your business can increase sales dramatically and quickly. SEM Tech offer the ability to push your business further, to reach more new markets and audiences by providing global internet advertising solutions.

Our powerful e-commerce business modules is capable of constructing great eCommerce web site with integrated shopping cart software and user-friendly features that helps your customers to quickly and easily complete their transactions.

B2B & B2C Portals

Since competition is increasingly becoming difficult we have a well defined B2B e-commerce application and our development approach is packed with all the required functionality as per the recent B2B e-commerce trends that keep you ahead of the competition.

Payment Gateway Integrations

SEM Tech India develops secure and reliable payment gateway integration that is encrypted to process sensitive information such as credit card numbers for your online store. So that you can process debit or credit card transactions when a buyer places an order on your e-store.

Shopping Store & Carts

At SEM Tech, we offers help for the numerous features for your Shopping Store & Cart. In terms of the front end functionality for your any kind of online business, it offers easy and intuitive navigation for your customers, they can carry out product searches based on various criteria, customers can check the current stock available at any point, the same product can be assigned to several categories and this makes it easier for customers to find it, amongst other things.

Shopping Cart Customization

We customize shopping carts or virtual shopping carts which are a comparatively new concept but still widely in used. A shopping cart is a piece of software that acts as an online store’s catalog and ordering process. Typically, a shopping cart is the crossing point between a company’s website and its deeper infrastructure, allowing consumers to select merchandise, review what they have selected, make necessary modifications or additions and purchase the merchandise.